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  • In what states does Priceless One Management offer service?
    We serve the entire United States and parts of Canada. Our primary markets in Miami, New York, LA, Chicago, DC, and Atlanta.
  • Do you only offer staffing services?
    No, we are a full-service events agency for people wanting to create a Priceless experience. Additionally, we offer influencer marketing, yacht charters, luxury transportation, rentals, event production, beauty experts, catering, and more. Please visit our Services page to see a full list of what we do.
  • What kind of events do you staff?
    We specialize in upscale events for brands that cater to a multicultural market -- mainly in entertainment and spirits. However, we can staff any event that has a great deal of organization and premium quality.
  • What are your rates?
    Rates vary by location and duties. We pay our staff members at market rate or above based on experience. To request a quote or a price list, please fill out a contact form and a team member will reach out within 48hrs.
  • What brands and companies have you worked with?
    We have worked with over 100 different {cool} brands spanning fashion, entertainment, technology, liquor, and more! To see a list of brands that we have worked with, visit our homepage or check out our Instagram.
  • How diverse is POM's staff?
    Priceless One Management is one of the most diverse staffing agencies in the US. We have a large focus on demographics and have close to 3,000 multicultural staff members. We specify client staffing needs based on but not limited to gender preference, ethnicity, and language fluency.
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