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Black Girl Brilliance: Meet Our Founder Kylie Russell

Kylie Russell, the multi-faceted boss lady, and well-acclaimed commercial model who runs and owns Priceless One Management, a one-stop shop events agency that puts her on the road to execute events for the hottest celebrities and brands nationwide.

We sat with her to talk about running her own business, her company’s rebrand, her inspiration, and how she’s circulating the black dollar through her event production company, paying over 2 million dollars to a staff of color.

INTERVIEWER: So many women have side hustles, goals, and dreams, but many of us don’t take the leap. What made you say “Okay, I really can do this on my own”?

Kylie: Taking the leap is never easy! I was so comfortable with having a consistent paycheck at my prior corporate job, but my intuition kept telling me that I needed more for myself. I remember talking to a friend about it and he said, “maybe you’ll make more working with yourself” - it clicked and it WORKED. I had to rely on betting on myself. I was simultaneously running my business while working an additional 30-45 hrs per week for someone else. I knew that with the drive and ambition that I had, I could put that into something that I built. You have to trust yourself, but most of all, trust GOD in knowing that he will bring forth a beautiful yet challenging journey, a lot of lessons, and a rewarding future. You may not see the light at the end of the tunnel now, but how will you see the light if you don’t take the chance and GO?

INTERVIEWER: Can you talk to us about Priceless One Management’s rebrand and how you went from a staffing agency to a full-blown event agency, a one-stop shop?

Kylie: Of course! We started off as a staffing agency only, but as time went on, we started to get requests from clients about other event services. We have over 10 years of experience in the events industry, so it’s inevitable that we will know vendors, and have access to rentals, venue relationships, and more. In 2020, when no events were happening, we realized our clients needed influencers and some of our staff members were influencers - thus our influencer management division came about. In 2022, we tried our hand at event production, something I always held back on doing because it gave me anxiety, but it’s something I’ve been doing since I was literally 12. Instead of holding ourselves back from doing all that we are capable of doing, we’re rebranding to show the world that we can provide everything that any event needs. Even if we don’t have a prior relationship, trust that we are a group of some of the most resourceful women in the industry that will figure it out by any means! That’s why they call us Priceless 🙂

INTERVIEWER: Okay, so your company has paid over 2 million dollars to minority men and women through your staffing and event production opportunities…that’s amazing! Can you share with us your mission to circulate the black dollar?

Kylie: Buying and paying black is SO important to us. Our company has a mission to employ people of color for events. I started out as a promo model and was often the token black girl working for brands with multicultural target markets - I had to change that. There is a huge wealth gap in communities of color, so we are sure to pay our staff at rates that are competitive - no minimum wage over here. Studies show that the black dollar circulates every 6 hours in the black community, and since the BLM movement, it’s highlighted more than ever that we have to support and shop black-owned. 90% of our staff members across the US are of color. We seek out vendors of color FIRST before sourcing general market vendors. Simply put, putting money in pockets and providing opportunities to black and brown people is an immeasurable feeling that we strive to do over and over again.

INTERVIEWER: There is a saying, "behind every amazing woman, there is another amazing woman”... who is that woman for you, and how has she inspired you?

Kylie: Well, Priceless One is technically a second-generation company. My mom is the OG of Priceless. She had a company called Priceless Presentations Event Planning in the ’90s and early 2000s. She had me at events setting tables, working the door, and cleaning up, and putting me in positions at extracurricular programs to put on events. I listened to the calls on speaker phone, I ran the errands, and I did the work. I was literally born into the industry because of her and that truly set the tone for what I do today. Price is my maiden last name, so it’s only right that I continue the Priceless Legacy

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