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How Priceless One Management Helps with Experiential Marketing

Your new or improved product can sell better from the start when you introduce consumers to it in a one-on-one setting. Since your CEO probably can’t take the time off to tour stores from coast to coast, we suggest experiential marketing.

At Priceless One Management, we can help you design your marketing events to best reach your target audience. We can also provide promotional models, event staff, health and wellness professionals, food and beverage staff, brand ambassadors, convention models, trade show models, influencers, and production assistants to staff the marketing events.

Using professional marketing staff, such as promotional models and brand ambassadors, helps you reach people in the right way by utilizing the best available technologies. For influencer marketing, this means partnering with large-scale influencers who have existing accounts with large, active followings. Many of these accounts will already have verification from the social media platform.

With experiential marketing, your target audience gets to use or taste your product as it is meant to be prepared. You can also offer entertainment, such as climbing walls or photo booths, as a part of the event.

Similar to a tradeshow booth, you set up the experiential event in stores throughout the country. This provides a local experience for each segment of your target audience. The booth provides more than a hosted display. The promotional model or social media influencer uses the product in the intended way to illustrate to consumers its value.

Many companies use experiential marketing with trained promotional models who learn the technical proponents of their product. This lets them function as a product expert to answer consumer questions on the fly.

If you shopped in a Walmart when Microsoft debuted Windows 7 a few years ago, you probably recall the Microsoft experts who visited stores for six to ten weeks to explain the new operating system, demonstrate it, and respond to consumer questions. The experts were actually highly trained professional models and brand ambassadors, who completed Microsoft certification before hitting the sales floor in stores throughout the US. These individuals also learned how to soft sell, helping each interested consumer choose the correct model Windows 7 computer for themselves.

Your company doesn’t have to be the size of Microsoft to benefit from experiential marketing. Local bakeries holding a taste test of their latest confections qualify as experiential marketing. Any sized business can create an event to leverage sampling, product demos, and promo models.

Let Priceless One Management help your company plan its experiential events and utilize this meaningful marketing method to build your business.


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