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The Perfect Pour

The importance of bartenders and bar backs in the liquor and events industry

There is a common misconception that the primary purpose of a bartender is to make drinks and collect tips. This is completely misconstrued. Yes, a bartender is hired to make delicious drinks for patrons, but they are also responsible for delivering warm customer service and giving your guests the best nights of their lives responsibly.

At Priceless One Management, we believe in the importance of a good bartender. In this scenario, 'good' is a loaded adjective. A good bartender has the qualifications and knowledge of proper mixology first and foremost but also knows how to work the crowd in any atmosphere. They provide experiences that keep the guests coming back for more.

Bartenders are a crucial component of an establishment's quality because of the service. The alcohol assists, of course, but it's not always enough. You must relate to a variety of people in a fast-paced environment while exerting a good personality and knowing about the drink menu. You can purchase a drink at any bar or event, but what creates loyalty and retention is the feeling of conviviality that a talented bartender can provide.


Do you know why the bar back staff is so important?


Bar backs are the backbone of high volume events & bars. They ensure that all ingredients and ice are available to the bartender and they keep the bar area tidy. This frees bartenders up for delicious cocktails. They also:

  • Help to alleviate long lines at events

  • Monitor pours and over consumption of guests

  • Act as Bartender Assistants

  • Sometimes double as Production Assistants (at POM they do!)

Book your next bartender through us and have a PRICELESS event!

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