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A Priceless Experience to Remember

Our First Annual Priceless One Management Retreat

Aug 18 - 21, 2022

In this photo, from left to right: The Priceless One Management Team - Robin Price, Genevieve Wilkinson, Brittany Nelson, Kylie Russell, Anna Greenwell, Anai Zetrenne, and Deli Rivera.

Our first Annual Priceless One Management (POM) Retreat was a complete success! The atmosphere throughout the 4-day retreat was filled with the best vibes and support. We brought the entire squad together in Miami from Chicago, LA, Las Vegas, and even Anna from the UK!

Here's a little recap:


Team Building

Team building day at an amazing Escape Lux Property and dinner at Carbone


Business Development & Mixer

We wore POM PINK for our Business Conference by day and POM Mixer by night, sponsored by D'ussé cognac and in partnership with Muurswag.


Fun in the Sun

Brunch at Rosies Cafe, Sprinter van service throughout the day, and Yacht Charter sponsored by D'usse Cognac


Casting Call

Priceless One Casting Call

For the first time, we brought our POM Mixer to Miami! Thanks to our staff, clients, and Priceless One family for coming out to celebrate with us! We had an amazing cocktail party sponsored by D'ussé Cognac at Strawberry Moon to bring together everyone that has played a part in our success in South Florida. We are a remote company; therefore, it was a special moment for our internal team to meet and connect in person with the staff that keeps our foundation strong and vibrant. We would not be POM if it weren't for the support of our amazing staff!

Big shout out to D'ussé Cognac for not only being a long-standing client of ours but a brand that sees our vision and has supported our mixers from Day 1! We danced the night away looking fly dressed in Muurswag, who gifted the ladies with amazing accessories. It truly was a night to remember, and we can't wait for the next mixer! What city should we hit next? Comment below!

We all left the POM retreat weekend feeling motivated, refreshed, and ecstatic about having created such a strong sisterhood through it all. We're now more ready than ever to continue this Priceless journey together. This shows that a team that works hard can play hard too! We're prepared to finish out the year better than ever!


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Justin Dinkins
Justin Dinkins
Jan 24, 2023

Congratulations Brittney and Great Job! It looked like a nice time. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.

Retreats are always a good time, the team building, socializing, the recognition of internal customers and their successes. Just a lot of good energy, and togetherness.

The next city should be Honolulu, Hawaii. If y’all like tropical and since you guys are remote, and to carry over your relaxing vibe. But great post!

I’m glad you take time to bring your company together like this. 👍🏾


Ioná Araújo
Ioná Araújo
Sep 08, 2022

I love it 😻



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