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YouTubeBlack FanFest

#YoutubeBlack, a company initiative that seeks to support and amplify the voice of black creators, hosted its first-ever stateside FanFest event at Howard University in Washington, D.C.

POM managed a team of 16 Brand Ambassadors and 2 event managers to assist with the overall event flow featuring 12 creators: comedian Alonzo Lerone, LGBT vlogger Amber’s Closet, musician Dainá: five-guy comedy ensemble Dormtainment, improv sketch artist Miles Jai, skits and parody channel RandomStructureTV, spoken word poet Spoken Reasons, vlogger Summerella, lifestyle creator Teala Dunn, comedian Tré Melvin, sketch artist TPindell, and the R&B/Soul duo VanJess. 

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